All that remains now between me and the Feast of Lights is 8 hours of work, a worship team rehearsal, a few meals (one with a friend), a day off cleaning and memorizing the last two pieces of music to not make it into my head, a warm-up, and a meditation.

One thing that has frustrated me in the past has been not having much opportunity to share with friends just which songs strike me the most or carry the most meaning or where the thread of an overall theme for the night weaves in and out of each verse and chord. I intend to post some relatively short (possibly long) posts between now and Friday evening each highlighting a song or theme across songs or whatever else pops into my head. If you want to be free of opinion before coming, then don’t read these until after you attend (assuming you are attending).

First, though, an order of business. For those interested in finding me and others that they may know…

…you will find me in the second row from the back a bit to the right of center. I have a good view of nearly every seat in the house unless you are right in the front row or near the front on the west side of the building. Just about the entire center section is visible to me. So, if you are in that section you should be able to find me.

You’ll also find potentially familiar faces on the risers to your right in the front two rows. If you find me then scan to your right a bit, you’ll see a couple of familiar faces, one will likely only be familiar to University of Redlands graduates, the other to FBC Redlands folk.

There are other FBC Redlands members in the choir, but I havent been able to find them exactly, so you’re on your own if you are looking for them.