Hey Redlands, sorry for the wind. You see, it’s kind of my fault. After going a couple of months not sweeping my porch since the leaves would reappear within the hour, I decided to sweep it on Friday. Apparently, the ecosystem is not amused and has decided to blow more leaves onto my porch (and seemingly only my porch, at least in my building).

How do I know it’s me? All of the leaves on my porch are from trees that I am very much upwind from. Unless these leaves like to float against the air currents or if there is some freak cyclone effect that blows these leaves to my porch, this is by some kind of design…

Have mercy, oh noodly appendage!

No joke, the leaves only seem to be on my porch. I’ve taken down my table and chairs, just in case, as well as the one plant I have out there that’s probably too heavy to be blown over, but I don’t want to be sweeping it up either. My bike is outside covered by a poncho for rain which snaps in place around the wheel spokes, so no worries about that blowing away. Just to be safe, I placed it against the wall that the wind is blowing towards in case it were to be blown over or something.

More news later, like the purchase of a Christmas tree, the setting up of the Christmas tree, the fall of the Christmas tree, the drying of the carpet around the Christmas tree, and the re-setting up of the Christmas tree.