I signed up for the now free Google Analytics (I swear, Google is taking over the world piece by piece). This allows me to get a picture of who actually reads this blog.

I was surprised to find a map feature which was pretty cool (though it wasn’t the “traditional” Google maps, just a regular image that you couldn’t play with). More surprising was where people have been reading this from on a regular basis, or seem to be.

Someone in Braintree, Boston did some heavy reading in the last week. Also, one person in Antioch, California has passed this way a bit (I think I know who that is). Redlands came out at the top of the list, but I want to give a shout to the folks who connect from Mentone, Pomona, and Massachusetts. Not to mention the Canadians, Australians, and Bay Area readers (or was that just a one time thing, it’s hard to tell).