Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is excellent. Worth seeing in the theater and even more so on IMAX (only three or four dollars more for that experience). The countdown from ten to start on IMAX alone is worth the trip, believe me.

As for the movie, they finally figured out how to tell the story of a hundreds page book within a time frame an audience can handle. They cut a good of the side plots, but by the end of the movie, you hardly miss it at all assuming you notice in the first place.

The kids are stil growing up like weeds, but they are finally starting to fit in their parts as well. Hermione is not as strong in the movie, given the lack of house elves and her plans to release them from a lifetime of willing servitude. But this is made up for, I think, in the more genuine relationships that are shown between the three main characters. In the first three films, their interactions felt more staged for the benefit of the die-hard fans, in retrospect. In this film, their joys and sorrows felt more genuine. The film took the story and told it rather than recreate for inspection by the fans.

In the end, this is worth the price of a ticket and a great start to at least two of the films coming out this holiday season I plan to see (the other being The Chronicles of Narnia opening December 9, though I may not be able to go see it until the weekend after if memory of my calendar serves).