I watched a cartoon this morning that really caught my attention. Liberty’s Kids satisfied my History Channel addiction pretty well. It’s a cartoon placed during the late 1700’s following the events that lead up to the Revolutionary War through the eyes of kids (of course). It takes some license to fit the kids into the story and it into a half-hour show, but I still found it quite entertaining!

It is hard to watch an episode with Thomas Paine writing Common Sense and seeing the people portrayed argue about how the rich should not avoid the poor as the poor fear the rich (it rings to closely to present-day America rather than 18th Century Britain to me). However, the overall theme and old-school “cartoon’s should have a moral” style was quite pleasant and made it easy to dismiss the unease in search of a deeper point.

Definitely worth a look! Seems to be on Saturdays around lunch time on the WB.