Six Apart has done the thing every good company should do: announce what’s going on when things aren’t going well. TypePad users may have been experiencing some slow-downs or outages, it would seem, and Ben and Mena Trott (founders of Six Apart) have written on Mena’s blog about it. If Web 2.0 is about people and open companies, then Six Apart is doing being the model of ideal right here, I think.

It’s actions like this that make me feel more invested in where a company is headed almost like these folks are personal friends without ever having them know who I am or having met them. They are willing to share their bad news just as well as good news (with an eye on moderation and privacy). Bungie is a bit the same, offering weekly updates of what they are working on and/or goings on in the office. These actions put a human face on the company that always existed, but could never get out.

Six Apart is the creator of Movable Type (which powers this site) and TypePad (whichs powers some other bloggers I know) and also manage Livejournal, for those interested.