The Forgotten
by Columbia Tristar Hom

This movie calls itself a thriller. It claims to be in the same league as The Sixth Sense.

It’s neither.

That isn’t to say it isn’t good. But most of the film is info-dump from Julianne Moore. It seems every time she wakes up, she is shocked (how someone could actually live that life without having a heart attack is beyond me) and reveals something about the plot that the audience caught on to ten minutes ago. Granted, it was nice to have the occasional confirmation, but it got old quickly.

The plot itself is lack-luster with no real psychological thrilling to be had. I jumped slightly twice at unexpected encounters with what seems to be an antagonist, but largely spent my time trying to keep awake so I could see people get snatched away and get the confirmation of what I had guessed before seeing the movie as to what was causing it.

If you don’t know already and want to know, ask me. This really isn’t worth the money to rent.