So, I’m having one of those days where you just want someone to ask how you’re doing so you can tell them that you are having one of those days. Actually, it’s been a couple of days now. But, since it’ll be a few more hours until I run into friends who will ask how my day/week was, I’m venting here. Next, to ask myself, “What would my therapist say if I told him about this” and move on a bit.

In other news, tomorrow is a big recycling day for Redlands. You can bring old computer monitors (along with proof of residency with a utility bill, for instance) to be recycled. Finally, I can clear out my car trunk, which has been home to a dead monitor for a couple of months now waiting for the day I could take it in. They’re also taking old tires of all sorts and other electronic stuff (old computers, tvs, stereos, etc.) to be properly handled and reuse the material in new stuff. Help save the planet and drop off something!