So it’s raining here now. The thunder and lightning were so spectacular last night that I couldn’t sleep anywhere in my apartment between the flashes and the wall-shaking rumbles. I’m not kidding, at one point it felt like an earthquake.

I like the rain, though. However, today I learned how I don’t like the rain. I like to ride my bike to work, it’s saves on gas, gives me exercise, and is environmentally friendly (not to mention easy, fast, convenient, and fun). I can’t ride my bike when it’s raining, though.

I thought about walking instead today. It’s not as good, but still fun. The problem was it takes longer and I thought of it too late in the game to still get to work at a reasonable time.

Alas, maybe the rain will stop soon and I can continue my fun (and money saving). In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the light show as much as I can.