So, my weeks have become much busier than usual. Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are free in the evenings (and days when I’m not at work). Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are quite full for the time-being. All of it is enjoyable, but it’s less time home alone than I am used to having. My sleep schedule has been off-kilter for the past few days, too, so I think it’s hitting me harder coupled with the lack of sleep.

One of the weekly events will be participation in the Community Chorus of Redlands. In short, this means participating in the Feast of Lights this December at the University of Redlands. I sang in the choir there for three of my four years in college and really enjoyed it. Some friends who have been doing Community Chorus for the last couple of years encouraged me to join, so I signed up last week. I’ve really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. It’s difficult, more so since I haven’t sung anything close to this scale of music in nearly six years. Still, it’s fun and a nice kind of difficult.

All that to say, if I start to drop off the face of the planet, this is why. I’m going to try to avoid that fate, but you never know what my energy will be like in a few weeks…