Well, I’ve been told that these days would happen. The occasional darker days where very little seems to be able to cheer one up. That was yesterday for me, or rather yesterday once I left work (I had a great day right up until 5:00, don’t know what happened then).

But in an effort to still find silver lining…

…I surprised myself by being honest every time someone asked me how I was doing (which wasn’t at all often, partly because I didn’t really make myself available for it from most folks). Neither of the two interactions resulted in much of anything, really, and I may have really pissed someone off on a unrelated topic for reasons I’m still confused about. But I didn’t say I was tired.

I usually just say that. And most times I say I’m tired, I really am just that. But sometimes, “I’m tired” comes out in place of, “I hurt.” Last night, it didn’t and while I had hoped for something different when I was honest with folk, I’m glad I was honest.