So, this is my weekend off with not much to do. The problem is that I don’t have much to do. I’m fairly bored playing video games right now, for some reason and to great surprise, my web site has been tweaked and messed with enough for now, and it was too hot to do anything outside today.

It just dawned on me that while it’s still sunny outside, all of my blinds were shut. So it was quite dark in my apartment. On opening them, the whole place cheered up quite a bit. Maybe tonight I’ll eat my dinner on the porch, read my book. Ironically, the book is about suicide, so at first it doesn’t sound very happy and it isn’t right off. At first, you read about how messed up the lives of the people interviewed were, then it turns to their attempts and all of the incredibly varied and mundane things that brought them about, but then it talks about how they “failed” to complete the act and began to climb out of their own personal darkness into a healing light. So really, it’s quite uplifting, but not a must read unless you’ve worked through your own issues. The stories are very powerful and, at times, it’s hard to avoid feelings of despair for these folk.

Anyway, tomorrow will bring Labor Day, when we don’t do any real labor at all (hopefully). I don’t know what I’ll do yet, but I know sleeping in.