Well, I finally switched from Blockbuster to Netflix. Blockbuster was good, but they kept sending me discs that were too scratched up to play in my DVD player. Netflix may as well, but they have the benefit of having never sent me a DVD for me to know yet. Also, Blockbuster recently changed their rates to match Netflix (which was slightly more expensive until about two weeks ago). I made sure to highlight both of these concerns when I cancelled from Blockbuster’s service.

Already, I love Netflix. Their interface much more intuitive, including a link to shoot an item to the top of your queue immediately. The site asks if you want an item you just added at the top of your queue instead of the bottom where it just placed it, too! Plus, they actually exist in the digital world offering RSS feeds of your queue, recommendations, the top 25 of each category, and a host of other lists. If Blockbuster had that, they hid it from me. What this means, though, is that I can display my queue on my blog, in my news aggregator, just about anywhere I have access to. No more logging in to see my queue, I can see it right next to my daily news items if I want.

The nice part (like the rest isn’t nice already) is that Netflix has a two disc-at-a-time, unlimited movies per month plan that’s the original price I had with Blockbuster. I’ll stick with the three-at-a-time during my free trial, but given how quickly I get through movies, I’m likely to switch pretty soon after that expires. It’s nice to have that flexibility, which Blockbuster was not able to provide, at least for me.

First on my queue, a Babyong 5 movie I never saw all of. Second up, the first season of House, M.D. Too bad the first two discs are showing as “Very Long Wait,” but that isn’t entirely surprising anyway. Good thing those are ones I’ve likely already seen.