Today seems to have been a big day. Aside from my return to work after a four-day weekend, a few things have happened.

First off, Google has started an instant messaging service. For the geeks or friends-of-geeks in the world, this allows connection via a Jabber client. The nice part of that, you can use something like this to connect to almost every major IM service you have an account with at the same time, including Google Talk.

Pat Robertson gave the church in general a good face (note inaudible the sarcasm buzzer throughout this paragraph) by suggesting the United State of America assasinate the Venezuelan President. Nothing says “Jesus Loves You” like a bullet in the head, I guess.

By the way, the BBC link above has video of the interview in question. The Venezuelan VP has taken the batant oppotunity to suggest the US may be hypocritical in its stance on terror.

Bungie, makers of the Halo video game series, among others, let fans know about the upcoming Halo movie. The article is from the guy who wrote the stories behind the two games currently released, so this has some merit, I suppose.

I also saw a rather long and needlessly graphic commerical for an upcoming movie related to the Emily Rose story. I’m led to believe this is based on a true story about a court-confirmed exorcism, but can’t find anything to really confirm that. Regardless, the commercial freaked me out and then got me thinking. Should there be anything to fear from such things? The commercial supposed for us that demons exist, but there was hardly any mention of a power that could stop them (unless that was said when I changed the channel from being a little to freaked out). I then wondered if this would encourage people to not live in fear of evils or torments as there is a God who loves them and wants them to have faith in Him. I probably won’t see this movie as I don’t need to tempt nightmares, but will be interested to see the response when it does come out.

So yes, a snippet of the things I heard about and thoght I’d share.

Did I mention that I went back to work?