I just watched Terminator 3. Wow, that sucked. About the only remotely redeeming quality I could see was watching a girl kick Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ass. Even that wasn’t all that great.

The technical wizardry to make the liquid terminator in Terminator 2 was spectacular and ground-breaking. Terminator 3 just seemed to be stock footage pasted together with some new faces to make up the characters, all of which were one dimensional, at best. However, the explosions are nice and the little boy inside me appreciated them.

Now, I saw Jaws last night for the first time. There’s a movie. Real suspense and story-telling, not just things blowing up and people dying. The characters didn’t have huge amounts of depth, but it was still there. They were engaging, I felt for them and was drawn into the story by their emotions. The little boy in me got to watch a shark attack a boat on the ocean for a good half-hour (when was the last time you saw a “final confrontation” scene go longer than five minutes without cutting away to b-plot scenes?) that still ended with an explosion. Quite nice.