Kirk Cameron is on TBN right now telling us, with someone I don’t recognize, that evolution is wrong. I’ve seen two proofs so far. First is that as a jet and an biplane are not evolved from each other (arguably wrong) but are designed from the same idea (from humankind). Therefore, apes and man are not related biologically, but look similar because they came from the same mind, God’s.

Second, and by far the more incredible of the two, is that if apes are our relatives, they must be allowed in the various “friends fly free” programs offered by numerous airlines. I think this one debunks itself.

As I turned the TV off, Mr. Cameron was telling us about how evolution must be wrong because Darwin wrote that men are better than women. An odd argument coming from this source (the channel more than Mr. Cameron). I don’t disagree that Darwin is wrong about women being lesser than men, but using that as a supposition that all evolution is therefore wrong is faulty (nevermind the potential for hypocrisy given the history of the church, particularly those that tend to denounce evolution).

I don’t mind folks disagreeing with evolution, but please come up with some better arguments than this. Granted, I didn’t finish the show to come and post this (and keep up with the Blogathon blog), so they may have had better arguments later or earlier (more likely later, if at all). Still, these were just bad and poorly done.

At least we can both agree that God created all of this, however he did it.