I’ve added a plugin that automatically takes the keywords I associate with a post and turns them into Technorati Tags. Technorati is a good place to look for what blogs are saying about a certain topic, what’s the most linked to web site in blogs (i.e. google for blogs). Most every blog sends a ping to Technorati when a new post is added. Within five minutes, that blog is scanned by Technorati’s services for appropriate links and logs them in a database. Links to that post are also logged over time and a kind of cosmos around a post can be seen as folks link to it.

The tag feature is relatively new and lets folks ping a centralized category database that Technorati manages. I assign the tag here and they add the post to a page with a list of those tags. There isn’t a list to choose from, so folks can create tags that let others search for relevant posts at will. Not to shabby, really. We’ll see just where this particular technological feature goes.