Since I’ve discovered that my basic convictions about God were a little different than I felt they should be, I’ve decided to do some reading in Isaiah. I’ve started at chapter 40 since I’m pretty sure everything before that would play too easily into what I now believe to be a misconception.

Adding snippets of conversations from here or there to what I’ve read so far, I’ve come as far as to say that God seems to be about redemption and faithfulness. There’s nothing surprising there, and it was said often during last week’s VBS class, but I think this is one of the first times I’m assuming it less than actually learning and beginning to internalize the belief.

In turn, this has led to some surprising thoughts about a relationship long quiet, if not entirely dead. There was someone in college who I did not get along with very well at all, though the friendship started normally enough. Things went from bad to worse and while we now share a tense respect for each other’s space, though we only interact maybe twice a year for only a moment or two, a true sense of kindness never returned to that relationship for me.

I don’t have any plans, or really desire, to reinitiate a friendship at this time, to be honest. But I do have a desire to express compassion towards this person should we meet again, to be glad to see them, and enter that particular triad with God seeking how He is redeeming this person, our friendship, and myself in the midst of it.