London has been attacked in multiple bombs across the city. Most seem to be at tube stations (some of which are very familiar to me from my visit last October) and at least one double-decker bus. BCC is reporting that people are being evacuated on foot along the tube lines. Two confirmed dead so far, some reports say as many as ten.

The blogs in London are going crazy, but there is speculation about whether this is the largest terrorist attack since the World Trade Center towers collapsed (along with some commentary on the American date system and naming days such as this). The link above is keeping good track of blog posts on this, so I won’t link further. Technorati is a good place to look for more first-hand news from bloggers on the ground in London.

UPDATE: It seems the death toll is now at 37.

Also, it’s out of character for me to post news such as this here, but I have fond memories of London and riding on the Tube from my vacation last October. So this is a bit of a shock for me to know that places I deeply enjoyed as a visitor have been harmed in such a fashion.