Tonight is Friday. It’s the first night this week I have spent entirely at home. I’ve enjoyed not doing much, and being mostly silent for hours on end. There is a peace to it.

And I can take the noise of the complex. My neighbors on both sides like their music loud. One is good about turning it off or down very low around 9:00. The other doesn’t seem to realize that people share walls with them. This is the third Friday in the last few that I will need to walk next door to get them to turn it down so I can go to sleep tonight. I know it’s Friday, but life still happens on Saturday.

My management will hear about this on Tuesday for sure. It seems to have not sunk in that they should turn music down past a certain hour to be respectful of others. I’ve tried talking, but that hasn’t helped, so I’ll bring in the people I pay good money to and see what can be done.