I moved out of the house I was living in just over a week ago. This past weekend, I cleaned up the place and it’s now as ready as I can get it for the moment for entertaining folks (I’ve already given a friend a haircut in my kitchen). There are still things I need and I’m making a list so that I can read it off to people who ask if I need anything else.

Next up, getting those with more decorative ideas and skills than I have to assist in getting a color other than brown in my place. The walls are bare and I’m ready for it. I’ve got about $150 ready to burn on it that’s off budget. Now it’s about finding the time. Next weekend is definitely out since everyone will be shopping somewhere over the holiday.

Life alone is still new for me and strange at times, but I’m enjoying it. It’s nice to know that any mess made is my mess and entirely my fault and my responsibility to clean. There is also a drive to keep things clean knowing that no one else will and that I only have to live up to my own standards of clean (which I’m finding to be much higher than I and others probably expected). While I experienced some lonliness, it has mostly passed now and I’m finding that I see some friends more than I did when I lived at the house.

That can’t at all be a bad thing.