The Xbox 360 was announced yesterday. It looks very sleek and stylish, but I don’t really care since I don’t play my video games looking at the console.

I do like that the controllers are wireless by default, I think that’s a first in the industry. Also, it seems that it does in fact come with a hard drive, though it’s removable for reasons unknown. Perhaps it is a separate purchase after all, but everything I have read suggest it isn’t. The hard drive would be required for any backwards compatibility with Xbox games (like the always popular and only-reason-I-bought-an-Xbox Halo 1 and 2). The BBC article reveals that backwards compatibility is something they are working towards, at least. That is encouraging. There’s really no reason it shouldn’t be present when each system’s media format is nearly identical (i.e. DVD discs)..

Sony and Nintendo have yet to reveal their new systems, waiting for the big E3 event later this month. It’s interesting to see the jargon from Microsoft that they are neck and neck with Sony and this early announcement will push them in the lead of the console wars. Everyone else I hear talking about that still says Sony has a dominant lead and would only fall to second if they really bombed their PS3. And Nintendo is someone to watch. Being third, and last, means not having the pressure to hold onto or catch up to first. I think they will stay in third, but will also dramatically surprise everyone with what they come up with.