CapitalOne sent me a hard copy letter this week expressing their condolences for the difficulty in getting removed from their email list as well as notice that I had been removed. Only two problems still exist. Well, only one is a problem to me.

First, I had to contact the Better Business Bureau to be removed from their list. I took six weeks to actually happen.

Second, and this really doesn’t matter much to me, the day I got the letter was also the day I sent hard copy notices to the Better Business Bureau (at their request) and to Senator Barbara Boxer for further action to be taken. Had the letter from CapitalOne arrived just a day earlier, the two letters I sent would have had very different tones. But they were in the mail before my mail was delivered that day, so there isn’t much I can do about it.

So far as I can tell, CapitalOne still requires a credit card number to unsubscribe via their web site. In my opinion, this is still stupid. I’d contact the two parties I mentioned above to retract my complaint if this had been fixed, but as it has not, I will let them do whatever they will do with the next person in mind. Requiring this information is just wrong and while I appreciate being removed from their list, I don’t see why I should stop speaking to people in power over them about it.