This is the end of my 27th orbit around the sun. This is what has been called my “golden” birthday. I turned 27 on the 27th day of April on a Wednesday, which was the day of the week I was also born on. It’s nice whem symmetry happens.

This last dance around that which holds the orbit of this rock has been in some ways more of the same. Many things have changed in the last year. Some dramatic and sweeping, others small and hidden away in the deepest cracks of broken spirit.

I have traveled to the other side of the globe and back to find that things over there weren’t really all that different, just quirky.

I have watched friendships fall into the chilling frost of a long and lonely Winter. Some have seemed to stay there waiting for a Spring that may only be found on the other side of Eternity. Others have seen a slow thaw into a new season. Through each, the hard lesson of patience has worked its way into my daily life.

I have started a road of understanding just what, “Grant that I may not so much seek to be loved, but to love” can mean and how much pain such a venture can bring when the sights are set merely to the present.

Last year, I was just saying that Jesus is present and hoping that this year I would be more than saying it. I can stand now, at this moment before I leave the day behind, and say that it is not just words. Jesus has been present and He is present. He is there in the darkness just as much as in the light.

Orbit 28 begins now. And it starts with more unknown than any before it. New adventures await. A new way of life rushes towards me from the horizon even now. But it also starts with a confidence that indeed everything will work out for good and a strength of knowing that the darkest of moments cannot overwhelm That which lives inside my heart.