So CapitalOne, one of my two credit cards and the one I use the most as it accrues frequent flyer miles, has me on their email list. I don’t generally have a problem with this as they tell me when my statement is ready to view online (they still send a paper copy in the mail, which I like) and such useful, pertinent information.

But it means they also send me crap not related to my business with them, like ads for their home loans or savings accounts. These are things I don’t have an interest in, at least from them. So I attempted to unsubscribe.

Until I found out that I had to enter my credit card number on their form to get my email address of their list. Let’s keep in mind that I already have a login to their web site so I can check my statement on the fly. Also, let’s keep in mind the numerous phishing scams that take you to web sites that “require” such information only to screw you with identity theft or fraudulent charges.

So I email them. They tell me to unsubscribe at that site. I email again stating my problem with that. They tell me to unsubscribe at that site.

So, I emailed my representatives in Congress stating a potential violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2004 which states, among many other things, that companies must make unsubscribing from email lists a simple and safe process.

I also replied to CapitalOne letting them know of my action.

I’ll be surprised if anything comes of this, but it felt good doing it.