Here’s my question this week (if I were to have a weekly question, which I don’t, really):

Can something be conditionally unconditional? As in, this thing, whatever it may be, is unconditional as long as certain conditions are met.

I ask because I have thought a bit about unconditional friendship/love lately. It seems the only person who was/is truly unconditional with kindness and love was Jesus. The rest of us are unconditional so long as it suits us, fits into our schedule, or otherwise benefits us.

As a for instance, I try to be as unconditional with regards to loving my friends as I am able (which, for the moment, I’m not able to do). However, that implies that I’m first having the other meet the condition of being considered my friend. As such, is my love for my friends still unconditional? I wouldn’t feel that way for them if they weren’t my friends and the actions I take to express those feelings would not be taken.

Perhaps there is an error in trying to be unconditional to all at once. Maybe the key is to be unconditional to each person in turn as you are able and as is appropriate to the relationship. Or maybe the real question is whether I can expect anything in return for whatever I give unconditionally, ignoring the fact that it clearly isn’t unconditional anymore.

Something else comes to mind, though. The idea that being unconditional can become robotic and unemotional. What kind of love am I showing anyone if it does not, first and foremost, bring me joy as well? Can we even call an action that has no effect on the person doing this action love at all? If so, then is there even such a thing as unconditional love or friendship?

I think the key here now may be to simply give of yourself to anyone and everyone for the sheer thrill of doing it.