Redlands saw itself with another beatiful February weekend. The air was clear thanks to the week of rain storms. There was snow on the mountains in some fashion. The hills were green and, indeed, alive.

People are overjoyed by the fact that the sun is out again and I can see why. There is joy in sunshine, of a sort. I, for one, find joy in the rain. The foreboding darkness of the clouds is bursting with the excitement of thunder and lightning and curling up on the couch with the curtains open to a magnificent vista veiled with the mist of the deluge and lighted by flashes of electrical current.

So I hope the rain continues, despite our complete inability to drive properly in it and the tendency for the death rate to increase during the storms (usually thanks to the lack of driving ability). In the meantime, I’ll find joy in the sunshine with my neighbors and joy in the anticipation of the next storm, be it next week or next decade.