I got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to go to a gym with some guys from church. It was a $10 ticket for the day, but if I go with this I can get 13 months for $200 (not bad, huh?). The real test wasn’t the bench press or other activities (including a wonderfully Halo-ish game of raquetball), but it will be how the day goes having gotten up so early. The rest and relaxation will be nice tonight.

The other good news. Today is pay day. And, my federal tax return was also deposited in my accounts this morning. So I saw a double increase that was immediately depeted with some overdue bill paying (namely, the credit card I used in Britain that doesn’t gain interest until March and now has a zero balance, or will on March 3). I still have a good chunk left over and my state return has yet to arrive, so I’m feeling okay about the money thing now. It’s nice to be out of debt besides my student loan.

To return to raquetball, it really is like Halo, but in real life and without the death. Though, the way one guy plays, it may only be a matter of time before that happens. 😉 But the zone you enter where everything is the ball and who hit it last, where your teammate is, where will it bounce next, and so on is very akin to a team game in Halo (as well as other things, I’m certain). The amount of focus I automatically tuned into was rather shocking once I pulled back out of it.

The last thing, I can’t lift my arms.