The first gallery of London pictures went bye-bye. This was for a purpose.

I recently returned to the world of Windows (go ahead and hate me, Linux users, I’m happier and more productive now not having time to learn about the command line and other things I would otherwise enjoy) and went full speed to Windows XP (Home Edition, Professional just wasn’t worth the cost and I already had a discount).

As a result, a new world has been opened to my fingertips and imagination. The first step can be found here.

I don’t see why putting most of my larger collections and spreads into this format (the filesize is much better!) and use the gallery for what it means: a gallery. The best of the best (of my pictures, at least) will go there eventually and the pictures I’d normally put there will be turned into videos.

Please comment, small readership. I’d like to know what you think.