I went to Carl’s Jr for dinner tonight. Probably not the healthiest option, but I got some good entertainment out of it.

There was a very large group of kids there, with a smaller than hoped for number of adults, who were stopping for dinner on their way to a Christian Winter Camp up the mountain. What was entertaining about this was remembering how little Jesus had to do with camp for the kids. Mostly, it was a weekend away and if you weren’t looking for Jesus, you were looking for someone from the opposite sex. Most kids weren’t ever looking for Jesus.

It made me wonder if much has changed and I doubt it. Though I’ve seen youth groups that show up for the growth, I’m betting the norm in society is otherwise still. And I can hardly blame the kids. They’re headed for a weekend with their friends while not at school. That alone is enough to get you drunk on life, let alone the chance for some legitimate (or not so legitimate) flirting.