I’m wondering today what is better, to be a positive person undaunted of negativity to the point of ignorance or to be a positive person totally aware of the worst possibilities yet chosing to do good in spite of it?

I’d say the latter is hands-down the harder of the two to pull off, but does that make it any better? Is it worth being somewhat, or even woefully, ignorant of the bad things that happen to one’s self or to others in an effort to be happy?

For neither of these do I suggest putting on a mask. Ignorance is perhaps the wrong word. Choosing not to acknowledge the negative in an effort to be positive may be a better way of putting it. That, versus recognizing that there is a good and bad side to things, but seeking the good out despite it’s possible rarity. Maybe there isn’t a difference.

I had an up and down day in my mood today, partly because I think I haven’t eaten well the last couple of days, stayed up very late playing video games each night, and had some several funky dreams last night that struck a chord in multiple and separate areas of my life. So my day has lead to this question for me as I try to seek the good in my day and weekend against a dark cloud of negativity that has suddenly appeared against my desire or effort.