On the morining of December 24, 2004, I took the last dose of Accutane in my course of treatment. I see the doctor again on January 24, but I don’t expect him to put me back on the stuff as, so far, my skin has remained clear and has even cleared further, by my eyes.

There are two positive upswings in this for me. First, I can have a drink with my friends again. And the party to do so has already been planned, invitations sent, and people are joining me.

The better has been a more personal one. My mood has dramatically altered since stopping this treatment. I was told when I started to watch out for signs of depression, that suicides may be linked to Accutane, and so forth. I didn’t think much of it as I had taken it once before during my high school years and don’t remember a similar experience. During the last 8 months, I never thought to attribute a bad or worsening mood to the Accutane. A lot happened in my life and the lives of others and there have been more than a fair share of rough times amidst them.

Yet my basic ability to be happy, to seek for the good around me, to feel positive has become so much easier in the last couple of weeks. Sure, I’ve had some bad days recently. But even those have had their positive sides.

All that to say that for whatever reason, be it not taking Accutane anymore, the end of the holiday season (definitely a possibility as well), or a significant time of growth in a short period of time (probably a good mix of all three and many other things currently unknown to me), I feel a lot better.