I went to Trader Joe’s tonight to do near-weekly my shopping. I love that place. They usually have these Rolled Chicken Tacoes that are just the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Really. Well, maybe not the best thing ever, but they’re worth the $3 for six that you pay (versus $1.50 for one at most dining establishments that aren’t necessarily three times as good).

One thing I don’t like about Trader Joe’s, at least tonight, is the fact that no one who goes there ever seems to pay attention to the world around them. It may be that way in most grocery stores, but with smaller isles in this particular Trader Joe’s, one shopper forgetting that their cart exists and is longer than they thought can block a fire escape (or, more importantly, the tacoes).

What’s important for me to remember in a situation like that, and indeed on any day of the week, is that there is always something good happening. The cart blocking my delicious tacoes caused me to look up to a section I rarely, if ever, pay attention to and see a delicious treat that I got for a friend of mine. That lead me to remember a preferred, if not favorite, dessert of a guest that was at the house tonight. And I still got to my tacoes eventually, though with an extra item and a plan to go next door to get the thing I remembered.

I’m not living exactly the life I’d choose. There are people I would like to be with who aren’t here and there are people with whom things are not always as I would hope. But I can count on knowing that something good will happen tomorrow as it did many times today, even should all the evil of the universe cry out and rise against it.