Halo 2 lets you play multi-player games online. The Xbox requires a DSL or Cable connection in order to do this, but that isn’t a problem in my house.

We had a slower connection, but it was good enough to get the job done, though I would experience a good amount of lag in the larger games.

So, I found that I could upgrade my connection for free, increasing the download speed nearly ten-fold and the upload speed (much more important for online gaming) four-fold. The new service went live yesterday.

I got home from my day, ate some dinner, and was already to start kicking ass at high speed (or at least having fairer fights). I even cleaned my room a bit as it was bugging me.

All of that done to set up my Xbox, which was still in a box from a LAN party Tuesday night. And then to find that I had left the power and A/V cables at the house where we had the LAN Party. Given that it was now getting rather late (nearly 11:00), I didn’t seek to get them back even though the house is literally right around the corner from me. Maybe tonight, but it was a huge disappointment.

All the better for waiting, they say…