Every once and a while in college, my circle of friends would gather in the lobby of the dorm, procure a massive amount of snack food, and watch the original Star Wars trilogy from beginning to end in one sitting (with customary breaks between each film for a bit of stretching and such).

Last year around this time, my new circle of friends gathered to watch the first two Extended Edition DVDs of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and then go on to see the midnight showing of Return of the King.

On December 14, the full set of Extended Editions will be available for purchase. Sometime in January, an event will be held to watch all three straight through (as any good trilogy is meant to be viewed).

It’s tiring and actually does take stamina to pull off, particularly when the combined running time is 10-12 hours or more, not counting breaks for food, outside time, and amenities. Also nevermind that it will be in January and one of the colder winters Redlands has seen since I’ve been here the last 8 years. But, it’s worth it for nothing else but to say you’ve done it. And it’s something to do with friends who enjoy doing crazy stuff and, better yet, actually enjoy the trilogy you are watching.

Also on the docket for viewing, the aforementioned Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV-VI, of course, with audience “commentary” allowed during Episode IV and the Ewok scenes of Episode VI), Indiana Jones duology (The Temple of Doom just doesn’t fit with the other two), Brat Pack double-features, stupid movies from when we (that is some of us) were kids (i.e. Goonies, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, etc.). So many moview worth watching with friends for the hilarity of watching them with your friends. And if any entertainment comes from some of these movies, all the better.