BBC has an article about how Micro$oft has launched a new service called “MSN Spaces” which is basically a free service allowing you to create a blog.

BBC News itself usually does a good job about reporting on the blog “industry,” if it can be called that. This particular article has one stray comma that gives Technorati the status of being the blogosphere itself (it isn’t, though it is a great resource to see the blogosphere, and even the web itself, evolve and change up to the minute).

Watching how Micro$oft handles blogs, the possibly large influx of users to this service, and how to enter a market a year after everyone else did will be interesting. Their Xbox came a little late to the table and may have tanked if it weren’t for certain games. I wonder what the Halo equivalent of a blog would be?

Then again, this is The Beast of the computing world. I’m sure MSN Spaces will do just fine, though it may prove, like Blogger still does for some, to be an entry point for many to the world of blogging.