Well, I saw the dermatologist this morning. I have one more month of Accutane ahead of me. If I don’t break out before my next appointment in December, I’m done on 12/21. Given that I’ve been on the stuff for seven months and haven’t broken out once, I think my chances are pretty good.

The other good news, if I don’t break out by the next appointment, I don’t have to take a blood test beforehand. That’ll be $15-$34 less next month I’ll have to pay in co-pays (it turns out my insurance covers one of the tests they do only every other month, so my co-pay fluctuates rather wildly).

So, not the news I was again hoping for, but there’s a strong silver lining.

And I passed Halo 2 last night on Normal. Great story. Now to hone some online skills and get geared up for Heroic and Legendary difficulty modes.