According to the count inside of my publishing software, this is the 300th post in this blog (not counting the London blog). I guess that’s saying something about something else.

To note, for those who may be reading this and being of the more intrepid (and bored) ilk, you won’t be able to count 300 posts by going to each of the individual entries. Some of the 300 are not published as they sit in draft mode either never to be released (my own personal archive) or still in process as I think things through. But, for the bored one(s), they number under ten.

This is also to give notice for at least a day or two. At some point on Friday (read, when I get to it), this address will automatically forward to the London blog. This is to aid any friends or family visiting my site in reading about whatever I will have opportunity to post about there as well as keep the site on topic. I won’t be posting anything to the usual blog during my vacation anyway. If I do, it will be visible again around the 31st or 1st, depending.

In the meantime, it less than 48 hours, I will be somewhere near the East coast of North America some thousands of feet above it.

How’s that for 300 posts?