Riddle me this:

How do you forgive people who aren’t at all sorry for what they did, that you can’t talk to, and, were they to apologize, would be doing so for something that happened nearly thirteen years ago?

I’m getting hung up on that question. And I’m finding that at least part of my current struggles with some people are stemming from a inability to forgive past hurts that parallel those of the present day.

I’m not likely to see the people from 13 years ago any time soon, if at all. The chances for face-to-face confrontation is slim. Yet it seems hardly necessary to me anyway. Forgiveness should not be based on the presence of the other, especially when that isn’t possible.

Still, I’m left with a simply difficult question. I know I must forgive as I risk too much pain in my life if I do not, not to mention there are things Jesus has to say about how God goes about with forgiveness that relate directly to how the person forgives.

I don’t know how to forgive this time. But I think I know how to pray that I may learn how. That will have to be enough until I do learn.