I went back to my hometown for part of this weekend. I think it was good for me, aside from getting some Great Britain Pounds and good quality luggage that I’m borrowing.

I got to do some good thinking, partly just because I could and partly because I had a therapy session on Friday. I also got to see my family before I leave and made my grandmother happy by stopping by and talking with her for a while.

I’ve taken a few things away from the past 30 hours:

  • I can choose to not feel anger in the midst of feeling uncomfortable, awkward, or hurt
  • I never want to live in a home for the elderly or, if I must, be anything but the last of my friends to move into the same home
  • Ameircan money is entirely lacking in creativity. Britain has some good looking cash, though not over the top in any way

Enacting the first two will be difficult, partly due to time and partly to do a tendency to be angry when things don’t go my way or the events around me force me to see that they haven’t gone my way. Acceptance plays a role in that and that also means accepting some things about myself.

Still, it has been a good weekend thus far. This next week should be interesting in many ways. I may do a count of how many people tell me to have a good trip and how many come to me with unsoliciteed (but not always bad or repeated) advice on how to travel the world. Then again, I have better things to do than that.