MovableType 3.x comes with the nifty feature of letting you type a post, set the date in the future, and then set a cron job on the server (a little geek-speak there) to automatically check for unpublished “future” posts that are now dated in the past (compared to when the cron job runs) and publishes for them.

End result, if you publish on a more rigorous schedule than I do, you can write your stuff up, set it to show when you’d normall publish, set your job to check just after that time, and let it all happen.

This post is a test to be sure I’ve set it up correctly. If you are seeing this, most likely everything worked and I proved myself capable of following directions provided in the help files and of graduatin, once again, from kindergarten (not many twentysomethings can still say that with integrity).

If you aren’t seeing this, you have no idea that you aren’t seeing this, but I’ll know that things didn’t work and that will be fascinating both on the level of getting to learn more about something I find interesting as well as on the deeper level of the fact that there is something that should exist and doesn’t and I’m the only one who knows about. Give that to a philosopher and see if they run with it anywhere (perhaps a good coffee shop).

Regardless, this will let me play havoc with anyone who will be following my vacation with trepidation as I’ll be able to fake posting from the plane in mid-flight or something. The fun part is that you won’t know if I’m future posting or not…

Of course, that’s more fun for me and assumes an audience that may not exist, which goes back to the philosphers running for coffee.