The doctor wants me on Accutane for another month, at least. I had thought you couldn’t do that for health reasons, but apparently I was misinformed (I’ll be reading the official documentation when I get home to be sure).

His opinion is that the acne is still “rumbling under the surface” and if I were to stop now, it would be as though I had never taken it.

To top it off, my triglycerides are on a steady rise, so I need to get down to it and either add more fruits and vegetables (something my friends will find obvious) or cut cholesterol. Both would be best, but the fruits and vegetables are easier since I’m already on as low a cholesterol diet as I can get without being completely anti-social.

Luckily, my ALT and AST levels (liver indicators) are all perfectly fine and have been for just about the entire course of treatment (they were higher once after a training hike, as increased physical activity or physical injury can increase those levels). So, when I go to England, I can probably enjoy a cider once a day and be alright. Besides, my system will have two weeks to clear it all out before my next blood test, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Still, not the ideal. My dosage was to run out next Tuesday evening. Now I’ll be going straight up to Thanksgiving at the very least.

Hopefully that will be the last.