The idea of an unconditional action or relationship of any kind is largely foreign to me. I understand the basic concept; actions done, typically of kindness, that are not seeking any particular reponse from the other person. The only motivations are intrinsic. These are things you do for others because it makes you happy to do that or out of an expression of love and friendship.

I don’t get it. Not lately, at least. I’ve gotten wrapped up in how some people treat me or how they don’t treat me as I treat them (flipping the “Golden Rule” a bit).

The problem is, I don’t know how to unwrap myself from this one.

As for everything else, I’m finding a need to confront the emotions I’ve felt for the last three months towards a few people. It’s not that I’ve bottled them up, it’s that I’ve avoided facing them as how I’m really feeling.