A week ago, I was asked what brought me to the church that I am at now. My answer was that my primary reason for coming to this church was that my friends are there.

A couple of nights ago, while talking with someone about the “Young Couples” thing, I was asked why I go to this church as it seems to offer me next to nothing.

That question has been perculating in my head for a number of weeks now. Aside from being able to see friends on a regular basis that I would not otherwise see, I honestly can’t say why I’m going to this church. The teaching is wonderful, or at least so I assume since by Thursday night or Sunday morning, I’m so totally exhausted from the week or getting up earlier than I do for work that it all goes straight over my head. The entry referenced above highlights my feelings of not belonging within my age bracket here. The only activity I’m involved in that isn’t drudge work or surrounded by a haze of sleepiness is the music team, and I feel the odd-man-out-ness there as well.

All that to say, I don’t know why I’m there anymore. And I’m not quite sure what to do about it. My energy is drained. Picking up and going to another church would take even more than I have on a full tank (I’m not good at getting to know new people). It may come to that, though. I could invite more people and, at the very least, help repopulate my demographic (young and single). But that brings up another point.

There isn’t anything going on at the church right now that I see as being something I’d invite someone to join me at. There are plenty of cool things going on, but they are cool because I already believe and know a thing or two about Jesus. But those things wear me out more than fill me with joy. Why would I invite anyone to join me in that?

So it seems I have a few choices, two of which are obvious to me straight off. One is to find something at the church that is joyful for me as that seems to be a key for me to welcoming others. Another is to find a church where I am joyful. The latter is so drastic to me. I like to believe I’m a man who sticks with things. I know that I haven’t done well by that in all areas of my life, but this one seems clearer.

So, while I probably won’t be going to Thursday nights much for the time being, I’m not going to leave entirely without at least giving a good amount of thought and prayer into this.

After all, if church is nothing more than me getting to see my friends, why would another church change anything?