I’ve been going about some things wrong, I think. It’s easy for me to fall into the “I’m a victim” mind set. Regardless of it I am a victim or not, that is the place I’ve been for a while now and it’s a place I need to get away from. Even the friends who treat me the worst in my life have needed a friend or someone to love them. I may not be the person to do that, but being someone who may perpetuate a difficult relationship certainly doensn’t do any good to that end for them. Further, it continues my perception of my self to be that of the victim.

Not to say that I shouldn’t say something when I feeling hurt. There is a difference, however, in saying so and existing as one who is hurt. It’s time to draw that distinction more clearly in my life and then go on to live that distinction a bit and see where things go.

All that to say that who I am is not a victim.