I had my therapy appointment this morning. It went very, very well and I left feeling just great. Still focussing on developing a sense of self and doing various things to try and make that happen (i.e. expanding/changing social circle, heart math, imagery for certain situations, etc.). Things are going well.

Until I got back to my desk at work and it started to crash. There were two emails from two of the more rough friendships I have of late. One of these friendships has been patched up in recent weeks, so it wasn’t that weird, but there were some things said that threw me for a loop.

The other was from the friend who I thought I had lost, but is now talking to me again. Basically, it’s time for us to talk and at least have what I’m feeling out there. I don’t quite know what I want to say yet, but I’m working that one out and hope to have it in time for our next encounter or when we happen to talk, should they be different times.

In other news, I ditched the Informal Worship last night. The last few weeks, it’s been too much of a “Young Couples” group and less of a “Young Adults” group for me and, having felt like the Odd Man Out every week for a couple of months, I figured I didn’t need to invite the feeling anymore. So I’m taking time off. I have yet to decide how long that will be, though.

Good weekend ahead, though. Lots of good people I’m spending time with and two wonderful people are taking me shopping, so I’ll look good on Sunday. And two more wonderful people are watching season one of Gilmore Girls with me that evening. I can’t forsee any part of the weekend being anything but a delight.