So some Germans have a Web site entirely in Klingon, or at least a portion of one. Where do people find this kind of time?

I, for one, am finding that my time is coming and going. I’m not entirely busy these days, so I have lots of time for my thoughts to venture into realms not at all healthy. There’s been some significant crap in my life the last few months. I’ve worked through most of it, but there are some lingering effects (i.e. there is at least one friendship I have that has yet to heal from wounds not entirely known, at least from where I stand). So when my time is slow, my thoughts turn to finding reasons as to why things are this way or that. The problem is that my thoughts tend towards the negative or worst case/nightmare scenario. It’s important to be realistic. It’s also important to recognize that things aren’t always as bad as they seem and that the worst case isn’t the one that always comes to pass.

So I wish I had a little less time on my hands. I look for ways to occupy myself when I don’t have the energy to confront my mind-shredding tendencies. I’m largely successful in that, too.