There may be something to this eating better thing.

This weekend, I had Carl’s Jr once a day mostly due to not having much food I had time to prepare in the house and not having any time to prepare any food even if I had gone shopping. After three days of Carl’s, I didn’t feel all that great. I wasn’t sick, but my energy level was definitely not where it usually is, even when it’s low.

Yesterday, my lunch consisted of a chicken, rice, and veggie dish with some Thai seasonings that was quite tasty. I’ll probably purchase that again some time, but there are other dishes to explore at Trader Joe’s that I’d like to sample. Dinner was a small pizza (went out with a friend), but it had chicken on it and very little sauce, so it had a chance of being healthy. That’s to say, I tell myself it was healthy.

Today was a burrito for lunch and I’ll have something else for dinner (probably what I planned for lunch since the burrito was a surprise from a friend).

I feel great, too. At least compared to Monday afternoon.

So I submit, I think there’s something to eating healthier. Or at least not eating total crap.