I don’t even know what to say. Maybe that should be a sign that I shouldn’t say anything.

I have a craving to go shopping. I’ve recently discovered that I have no idea what it means to have close fit. Most of my clothes, while not being exceedingly larger than myself, are too big for me. What I thought at one point was too small, it turns out, is actually what fits.

At least, many women tell me so. It’s also true that many women all agreeing on one point about anything having to do with me carries a good bit of weight.

So I have a desire to go shopping and work on my selection of things to wear on a daily basis.

The problem and the joy is that I’m going to London in a month (only a month away!). Money is needed for that trip. Money that I can’t spend on clothes now.

So I have a small exercise in patience and self-restraint to not call up my female friends and invite them to go shopping with me this weekend. It would be nice and a lot of fun, but I have a vacation to go on first.