Today I found out that I have only one month left in my Accutane treatment. One month. Just before I leave for London. Perfect timing, huh?

My visit this morning was strange, at best. The nurse or medical assistant who called me out of the waiting room decided to chat it up for a minute about some guy who thinks he’s the Messiah and gives his followers a crown instead of a cross. I find fault with that, but she was concerned because a lot of US Senators and Representatives threw him a banquet. I don’t doubt the validity of her story, I’m sure I heard of the same event myself. Just the alarm. Self-proclaimed Messiahs seem to burn out pretty quick one way or another.

A half hour later, having pondered a strange machine that seemed to have something to do with high voltage electricity and read an entirely unfascinating Newsweek article about the next Batman movie (which actually looks good, just the article wasn’t), the doctor came in. He’s fast and always in a hurry. Given that he’s usually thirty minutes late, I can see why. But he said I’m doing very well and that only one more month of treatment was even allowed, but that it was mostly to kick the acne entirely for me.

The part I’m looking forward to most in a month: being more easily hydrated on a regular basis! My lips are chapped 24 hours a day. There is a dry spot on the back of my head that I just discovered was a dry spot today (I thought it was just a persistent sun-burn or something). Pretty much my entire body is suffering from a distinct lack of fluid. I drink tons of water a day, and I’m sure it helps. But I look forward to not having to carry multiple packages of lip balm in my pocket in case one should run out mid-day.

Plus, I’ll be able to have a cider in Britain. I mean, how can you go there and not get alcohol?